My editing secrets are Finally Here!!

*Currently not offered to photographers with in 120 miles of Brighton CO 80601*

Have you been struggling with your editing want to brush up on your skills or want to learn something new? Then these videos are for you!! These videos will teach you how to do a complete edit on 6 images.

Edits include 6 videos:
2 newborn
2 maternity

Some of the things that will be covered are:
Red skin
Orange Skin / Jaundice
Flaky skin
softening skin
Fixing backdrops
How I get my dreamy look
And so much more!!

I have never before taught my editing this is my complete secret editing workflow!!

Videos include my complete editing workflow for each image shown using actions and hand editing.

After you purchase you will receive an instant email with download link. The email that it will be sent to is your Paypal email. If using a credit card your email you used when checking out. If you do not receive a email please email

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“These editing videos are amazing! No detail is left out! If ever you wanted to know Jessica’s editing workflow, look no further! She goes over anything and everything you could ever wonder when it comes to her editing. She is a complete open book in these videos and shows everything she does, while describing everything along the way. Each editing video provides such variety, and she is sure to explain every little step she is taking in detail (AND doing it SLOWLY so beginners could even follow along super easily and take notes along the way without getting frustrated). She also gives some super awesome tips throughout each video, which I thought was awesome and very beneficial to someone who might not know all the ins & outs of Photoshop. I especially loved how she would show how to do a particular step by doing it using an action, but also by doing it by hand for those of us who might not own that particular action - very nice! These editing videos were very well thought out, and executed amazingly. They’re sure to be an amazing tool in all of your newborn editing needs!”

Stephanie Mueller Photography

Newborn Maternity Photography Editing