What should we bring with us for our newborn session?

Spare shirts for both of you as babies do pee/poop and accidents happen. Please   bring a pacifier as they help to get babies to sleep and soothe them. If you have one (even if your child won’t really  take it) please bring it to the session, I also keep unopened ones in the studio.  However if you really prefer that we don’t use one  that’s fine as well.  Please bring Diapers, wipes and  formula if you are feeding with formula. If you are nursing, be prepared to nurse a few times while you are there. I keep the room very warm for the newbies so please  dress accordingly (layers are your friend) .

How do I book my newborn session when I am not sure when my baby will be here?

We all know babies can come on their own time. When you book ahead of time  I will put you on the calendar for the month that you are due. Once your baby is here you will contact me in the first few days and we will  get a time and day scheduled with in the first 14 days.  I only take a limited amount of sessions so I can accommodate if baby arrives early or late so it is important to book ahead of time. if oyu are wanting to secure your newborn session.

What should we bring with us for our Maternity session? Do you have Maternity gowns?

Some of my clients like to bring an ultrasound photo or little shoes to the session, please feel free to bring anything that is special to you and you would like to include in your session.

Yes, I have a large selection of Maternity gowns for you to use. All of the maternity gowns on my website and more are available to use at your session. I also have a selection of toddler dresses as well.

What do we bring to our milestone Session (baby)

You can bring up to 3 outfits for baby. I do have a large selection of outfits, rompers and diaper covers that are in the studio for you to use.

Do we need to bring props?

I’ve got tons of stuff at my studio including hats, headbands, backdrops, baskets, buckets, maternity dresses you name it.  When you book with Jessica Arellin Photography I will send over a questionnaire to get more information on colors and style that you are wanting for your session so that I can customize it to your liking.

Can we do portraits of the new baby and it’s older sibling?

Absolutely, I LOVE sibling shots but I can’t guarantee it for very young siblings. We will try our hardest and I have lots of tricks and different ways to make it happen but I’m sure you know how unpredictable two year olds are, if they want nothing to do with the new baby, sometimes it just isn’t possible without massive amounts of tears from the sibling, and rarely the parent;) Something I really suggest is to have a plan for the sibling to be picked up or dropped off after their portion of the session. 

What About Family Photos? 

Yes, Yes , yes I LOVE family photos. I know that after having a baby you may feel puffy and not like yourself but you will not regret having these moments captured I promise.  I purposefully will pose you in a way that will flatter you the best. I want you to be able to look back and see just how tiny your baby was and how they fit in our hands. All of my session include family photos for no additional cost   but it is completely up to you if you would like to include them in your session.

When do we pay you?

$100deposit  is required  when booking a session. On the day of the session is when the remainder is due. Keep in mind you can always upgrade your package after seeing the images. I take all major credit cards, cash and Paypal what ever is most convenient for you. I also offer payment plans if this is something you are interested in. 

How long after the session will it be before our images will be ready?

Your images will be ready for download within two-three weeks. 

Do I get to choose my own images?

Yes, It is important that you love your gallery. While I may think an image is cute you know your family the best. I will send over the best of the best from you to choose from. 

Do you also offer prints?

Absolutely, and I recommend it! Especially with larger prints, you’ll notice a quality difference between mine and the prints ordered from the big box stores. For self printing, I have plenty of suggestions on where to get the best prints.

Where are you located?

I have a modern upscale store front studio located on Main St, in Brighton CO.  I am by apointment only.